14 mars 2024

Applying an agile approach to hybrid outsourcing

Applying an agile approach to hybrid outsourcing

by Fortrea

Drug, device and diagnostic developers are facing ever-growing complexities in development, which has inspired new ways of problem-solving with their contract research organization (CRO) partners.

At Fortrea, we've found that meeting today's organizational goals often requires blending elements of Full Service Offering (FSO) and Functional Service Provider (FSP) to create a flexible hybrid outsourcing solution. While these custom hybrid blends aren't new-and have served as the foundation of some of our longest-standing partnerships-we've witnessed an increasing need to provide more flexibility in these models to meet a sponsor's current and future needs.

To help sponsors better understand how to choose an optimal outsourcing strategy or reconfigure their current strategy, we’ve created a few educational resources:

1.  Position paper: The right outsourcing model is the one that truly meets your needs

There is no universal hybrid solution, but we believe the drivers behind selecting a customized, agile outsourcing strategy have evolved. In our position paper, we discuss the current challenges of conducting clinical trials and how sponsors can better articulate their needs and constraints when evaluating and selecting a potential outsourcing model.

Read the paper to understand how long-term, collaborative partnerships can form between sponsors and service providers. We'll explain how these collaborations can lead to shared learning, continuous improvement and mutual success over time, driving operational efficiencies and potential cost savings.

Access our position paper

2. Case study: Applying a flexible hybrid outsourcing model to support early phase end-to-end delivery

A leading global drug development organization had been working with Fortrea in a Functional Service Provider (FSP) model for several years, but their outsourcing needs were starting to change.

This case study shares how Fortrea and the sponsor collaborated and explored the potential of leveraging both Full Service and FSP teams to create a highly customized hybrid model. Learn how the team worked to ensure efficient operations, recognize challenges and deliver an end-to-end early phase solution.

Read the case study

3. An invitation for a free consultation

Through a collaborative process, we offer a complimentary consultation to help you outline your goals and better understand your needs-prior to development of your RFP. We found that this valuable exercise helps form a more tailored, strategic outsourcing solution that, in many cases, has resulted in a hybrid offering.

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