Unique strategies to accelerate liver drug development

Leverage comprehensive medical, scientific and regulatory expertise in liver disease to empower your clinical trials for success.

Access our rich database of site-specific recruitment performance to optimize site selection and deliver patient recruitment.

Support enrollment and minimize screen failure rates in clinical trials for liver indications.

Experience matters when choosing a partner

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Liver Studies

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Principales indications
Metabolic dysfunction-associated steatotic liver disease (MASLD/MASH)  |  Cholestatic liver diseases  |  Liver cirrhosis and complications
Acute liver indications  |  Autoimmune liver diseases  |  Alcoholic liver disease (ALD)  |  Other rare liver diseases

Pioneering liver trials with decades of applied experience

Access our dedicated team of liver disease experts—each with more than 20 years of experience—who can:

  • Provide guidance on protocol design, strategic study design, screening paradigms, regulatory strategy and operational strategy
  • Connect you with KOLs, advocacy groups, sites and MASH (formerly NASH) networks to drive study uptake, expedite start-up and support patient recruitment
  • Incorporate forward-facing, innovative technology to promote patient-centric solutions in your trial


We’re ready to help you successfully design and deliver your liver disease clinical trial with proven solutions and innovative new approaches.

Delivering unique insights from unparalleled liver data

Hepatology trials face many challenges including low diagnosis rate, high screen failure rates, low recruitment rates and rare disease populations. To proactively address these common problems that impede a study's progress, we work with proprietary clinical and diagnostic data, which includes our:

  • Clinical database and recruitment metrics across more than 1000 global hepatology investigators in 50 countries
  • Global, site-specific data in cholestatic liver disease to target the best recruiting sites 
  • Dashboard with more than 20 MASH studies with cross-trial investigator performance data to help select consistently high-performing sites 

Discover the difference of working with a partner committed to improving the lives of patients worldwide as we advance the field of liver disease research through cutting-edge clinical trials and innovative treatments. 

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"Bringing new efficacious and safe therapies to patients with unmet needs has always been my main driver. I am proud to work with an amazing group of experts on the Fortrea liver team as we apply innovation, accelerate development and make the process more efficient."
—Claudia Filozof, MD, PhD 

Un partenariat exceptionnel commence avec une équipe expérimentée. Browse the bios of our featured team members.

Adding value to clinical trials with early engagement

Emerging biotech sponsors often rely on our expertise to help extend their team's capabilities. Through early engagement with our medical, regulatory and operational experts, we can:

  • Help sponsors address challenges in complex liver diseases, such as metabolic dysfunction-associated steatohepatitis (MASH/MASLD)
  • Create a Clinical Development Plan (CDP) and provide a strategy to succeed in a highly competitive clinical trial landscape
  • Streamline and adjust inclusion/exclusion criteria
  • Facilitate introductions to top KOLs for greater insight into current practice and future trends


Count on our team to help execute a comprehensive strategy that addresses the unique challenges of hepatology drug development and meets your specific requirements. 

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