Santé de la femme

Manage complexity with a comprehensive approach

Apply our creative and proactive clinical trial solutions to advance your science and make a difference for women.

Access our deep medical, scientific and operational OB/GYN expertise to advance your unique clinical trial.

Empower women through early and continuous engagement as you leverage our site relationships and patient-centric solutions.

Advancing innovations in women’s health.

At Fortrea, we're committed to advancing health equity and helping address unmet clinical needs in women's health as we advance drug and device development clinical trials. We understand these complex clinical development programs need support bridging translational gaps, overcoming diagnostic challenges and optimizing trial recruitment and retention.

We relentlessly pursue patient-centric practices and encourage bold ideas to address complex challenges of women’s health, work to establish productive partnerships and form a collaborative culture that addresses the specific needs for women’s health clinical trials and delivers unique solutions for your program.

By aggressively pursuing the critical path activities, our objective is to accelerate your startup processes. Likewise, by proactive planning the early phase study activities and operational strategies, we can offer an end-to-end solution that improves your process, timelines and cost.

Au cours des 5 dernières années

We’ve been honored to serve as a partner of choice for our biotech and pharmaceutical customers as we’ve advanced their women’s health programs. Specifically, in onco-gynecology, we’ve worked with 148 trials, 6 906 sites and 40 096 patients and across Women’s Health we’ve supported:


Women's Health Studies





Principales indications 

Improving enrollment and recruitment in women’s health trials.

To help you bring life-saving treatments to patients faster, we harness the power of our unique global data assets data, real-world intelligence and technology in our proprietary platform and decentralized patient-centric clinical trial solutions. (*Fortrea has exclusive CRO access to Labcorp data that supports its clinical-enabling solutions for a fixed period.)

Our study strategy is built upon this comprehensive data analytics, in-depth knowledge of sites and historical performance, established strong relationships with sites and key opinion leaders (KOLs) globally allowing us to estimate your potential recruitment rates and factors that may impact each site’s ability to enroll patients in your trial, resulting in higher accuracy projection, better study design planning, faster startup and reduction of risk.

Empowering and engaging women.

Leverage our significant global experience in women’s health trials and our several powerful patient-centric solutions, including:

  • Therapy-specific recruitment outreach platforms
  • Advocacy group partnership outreach programs
  • Women’s health educational content
  • 1:1 coaching from our team of registered nurses
  • Voice of the Patient program to drive engagement and protocol compliance
  • Decentralization strategies for screening and study visits

By engaging with women on a personal and comfortable level, we can create a targeted and tailored outreach for your clinical study setting.

Incorporating best-in-class technology solutions for women’s health

Our culture of innovation and patient-centricity leads to delivery via our unique suite of innovative technologies and services. We harness the power of our unique data assets, technology in our proprietary platform and decentralized patient-centric clinical trial solutions, helping sponsors bring life-saving treatments to patients faster. Combined with our strategic partnership with digital technology vendors, these allow for customized patient engagement, creating unmatched opportunities for clinical trial recruitment, patient registries, retrospective studies and prospective surveillance studies.

Qui sommes-nous ?

We offer four OB/GYNs as part our operational and scientific teams to form an exceptional partnership with you.

Supporting early to late-stage continuity and knowledge transfer.

As your compound advances from early to late-stage clinical, we can apply our established methods to ensure that successes, lessons learned and general information transfers across the drug development spectrum. Our approach reduces delays, minimizes data loss and increases awareness among our late-phase team. With this level of comprehension, we can enhance continuity and inform key adjustments concerning site monitoring activities and patient care requirements.

In addition, relationships are developed and maintained from the early phase into the late stage. Here, key opinion leaders (KOLs) and site personnel play an important role in improving startup times and enhancing the quality of sites' performance, benefiting you across the drug development spectrum.

When challenges arise-and we know they will-you will be working with a committed, solution-oriented team that is already formulating a strategy based on expertise and experience. We will share our proposed strategy with you, openly providing information and transparency as your portfolio moves forward.

Leverage our leading-edge, patient-centric solutions for your women’s health trial.

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