Generate evidence to optimize access and enable commercial success

Conseils en matière d'accès aux marchés et HEOR

Pursue outcomes, value and access initiatives in parallel with clinical development to develop a strategy and data necessary to meet the needs of all stakeholders.

Enhance your commercial opportunities by developing a solid understanding of your compound's clinical, economic, and patient-centered value and an executable strategy to generate evidence, demonstrate value and increase the likelihood of access.

Work with an interdisciplinary team that tailors solutions to meet your product’s needs at every stage of development.

Start with a forward-thinking approach to evidence and value. 

In today's competitive therapeutic, diagnostic and medical device landscape, companies need to understand product value early on, and develop evidence to demonstrate value to all stakeholders. Market Access Consulting and Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) are more relevant than ever. Real-world evidence, patient-centered data and economic data are increasingly important to assist regulators and other stakeholders in understanding a product's benefits, risks and value.

Whether you are in Phase I or looking ahead to late phase and post-approval studies, we can work with you to develop and execute strategies tailored to your product's unique value. Our Market Access and HEOR consultants span a variety of scientific and commercially focused disciplines, including epidemiology, real-world evidence, health economics, outcomes research, patient-centered assessment, biostatistics, reimbursement, access strategy and value demonstration.

With our market access and HEOR expertise, we identify evidence gaps and design and execute custom projects to support your product and stakeholder needs. Rely on us to help ensure you are equipped to demonstrate the full value of your product across the audiences of regulators, providers, payers, policymakers and patients.

Access a suite of complementary solutions. 

Together, we can support your value, evidence and access strategies and help guide your decision making at each critical development point. Our complementary solutions include:

  • Real-World Data and Real-World Evidence  
  • Post-hoc and Payer-focused Analytics   
  • Patient-Centered Research and Assessment 
  • Health Economics and Modeling
  • HTA Strategy and Submissions
  • Value Demonstration and Communication
  • Reimbursement Strategy and Payer Insights 
  • Market Access Landscape Assessment
  • Digital and Design Solutions
  • Digital Health Strategy

Work with a committed and experienced partner. 

Since inception, we've executed thousands of projects and studies to support our clients in pharma, biotech and medical device companies, and demonstrated our expertise through hundreds of peer-reviewed publications. Our subject matter experts, spanning three continents, have advanced degrees and offer decades of experience in access strategy, value demonstration, evidence generation and project execution. Laissez nous vous aider :

  • Assess the market access landscape in your target regions to advise on strategy, evidence needs, and solutions
  • Develop patient-centered endpoints to measure treatment benefit from the patient perspective, as required under the FDA’s Patient-Focused Drug Development program
  • Collect and analyze real-world data to examine natural history, incidence/prevalence, effectiveness and real-world safety
  • Conduct post-hoc analyses to support economic modeling and payer reimbursement
  • Identify key value attributes of your product and determine evidence needs to support them after registration  
  • Develop impactful communication tools to demonstrate the value of your product to varied market access decision makers

Get an integrated plan that enhances your product’s value and supports development at every stage.