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Faire le point sur les essais en ophtalmologie

21 February 11:00 AM EST Duration: 1 hour Watch Here
Webinar overview

Discover an informative webinar exploring patient-centered approaches shaping ophthalmology trials, uniting stakeholders for better treatments and outcomes. Clinical trials in ophthalmology require special considerations at every stage, including trial design, recruitment strategies, patient outreach and engagement, assessments and data collection and management of investigational products or devices.

The key to success is putting the patients and their caregivers at the center when considering the overall approach to the trial. This panel session is fortunate to include the father of a child affected by Leber hereditary optic neuropathy (LHON) and will open with the perspective of a parent and active patient advocate.

The speakers will address advances in trial design specific to rare/genetic diseases of the eye, with a focus on cell and gene therapy, the need to work collaboratively in this space to match advanced therapeutic trial design to the unique needs of investigating ocular diseases and how new perspectives on patient centricity is leading to the evolution of these trials.

Join this webinar to gain insights into how sponsors, service providers, investigator sites, caregivers and patient advocacy groups can work together to accelerate the pace of bringing new treatments to these patients, for better outcomes and improved quality of life.

Chris Marsh Cofounder and Advocate, LHON Collective
Darby Thomas, PhD Scientific Director, Gene Therapies, Rare Diseases, Advanced Therapies and Pediatrics Team (RAPT), Fortrea
Marlene Brown, CPM, PMP Director, Rare Diseases, Advanced Therapeutics and Pediatrics Team (RAPT), Fortrea
Hannah Simonds Director, Patient Recruitment and Engagement, Fortrea
Tanya Richardson Executive Director, Strategic Delivery & Growth, Ophthalmology, Fortrea